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musée des Arts décoratifs
et du Design de Bordeaux
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39 rue Bouffard,
33000 Bordeaux
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Timetable 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Tuesdays and holidays
(open on July 14 and August 15)
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Cabaret and its box Bordeaux, Terres de Bordes factory, 1787-1790 - Wood, textile, leather, porcelain<br/> &copy; madd-bordeaux - L. Gauthier
Cabaret and its box Bordeaux, Terres de Bordes factory, 1787-1790 - Wood, textile, leather, porcelain
©madd-bordeaux - L. Gauthier
object N°53

Cabaret and its box, Terres de Bordes factory, Bordeaux, 1787-1790

Gift of the Friends of the madd-bordeaux - Inv. 2020.18.1 to 2020.18.11

This set consists of a teapot, a sugar bowl and four cups with their saucers. What makes this hot beverage service truly exceptional, beyond the quality of its decoration, is that the cabaret has been preserved with its storage and transport box. Indeed, no other similar set from this factory is known today...

object n°53 (pdf)
 &copy; madd-bordeaux
object n°51

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Louis XV on horseback, 1766

Old fund of the City of Bordeaux - Inv. 7110

This sculpture, one of the most important in the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, shows King Louis XV (1710 - 1774) on horseback. The king is dressed in antique style and wears his hair in a natural knot at the nape of his neck. This representation is part of the long European tradition of equestrian statues, which goes back to Antiquity and of which the Marcus Aurelius of the Capitol is the unsurpassed model...

object n°51 (pdf)
René Buthaud, L'Africaine and Le Gemmeur landais, ca. 1935<br/> &copy; madd-bordeaux - I. Gaspar Ibeas
René Buthaud, L'Africaine and Le Gemmeur landais, ca. 1935
©madd-bordeaux - I. Gaspar Ibeas
object n°50

L'Africaine and Le Gemmeur landais

Fixed under glass: glass, oil paint, gold and palladium leaf - Gift of Mr Daniel Thierry - Inv. 2018.1.1

Signed by René Buthaud, these very rare panels made using the technique of fixing under glass recently entered the collections of the madd-bordeaux thanks to the generosity of Mr. Daniel Thierry. In January 2020, they joined the important collection of works by the famous Bordeaux artist exhibited on the second floor of the museum...

object n°50 (pdf)
Set from the "Quadrille de Marie Stuart", after Eugène Lami (1800 - 1890), 1829 <br/> &copy; madd-bordeaux - I. Gaspar Ibeas
Set from the "Quadrille de Marie Stuart", after Eugène Lami (1800 - 1890), 1829
©madd-bordeaux - I. Gaspar Ibeas
object n°49

Set of the "Mary Stuart Quadrille"

after Eugène Lami (1800 - 1890), 1829 - Purchase from the City of Bordeaux, 1958 - Inv.58.1.2270

This set, consisting of a necklace and two bracelets, was made to commemorate the famous costume ball given on 2 March 1829 at the Tuileries Palace by the Duchess of Berry. The theme of this "quadrille" was the visit Marie de Guise made to France to her daughter Mary Stuart in 1550 - 1551. All the guests had to be dressed in the fashion of the time of Henry II (1519 - 1559). The central medallion of the necklace represents the Duchess of Berry dressed as Mary Stuart, with whom she liked to identify...

Although the precise context of this commission is not known, this ornament is a precious testimony to one of the most brilliant social events of the Restoration.

object n°49 (pdf)
 Martin Szekely, étagères Opus, 2016<br/> &copy; Fabrice Gousset
Martin Szekely, étagères Opus, 2016
©Fabrice Gousset
object n°48

48 - Opus shelves by Martin Szekely, 2016

Don du designer au madd-bordeaux en 2018 - Inv. 2018.15.1

How do you assemble structures and make a piece of furniture stand up while reducing the elements that make it up to keep only the essential? Martin Szekely's work results from the relevance and precision of the solutions he brings to questions of use and function. Offered to madd-bordeaux following the exhibition "Construction. Martin Szekely" held at the museum from 26 April to 7 October 2018, Opus is one of his most emblematic and masterful pieces. The donation of this work was accompanied by an important deposit of 39 pieces, making the madd-bordeaux the place of reference for the work of Martin Szekely...

object n°48 (pdf)
Émile Decœur (1876-1953), vases and bowls, 1912-1937<br/> &copy; madd-bordeaux - M. Delanne
Émile Decœur (1876-1953), vases and bowls, 1912-1937
©madd-bordeaux - M. Delanne
object n°47

Émile Decoeur

Deposit of the Musée national de céramique, Sèvres, 1978 - Inv D 2008.0.81 to 109

Émile Decœur was one of the greatest French ceramists of the first half of the 20th century. In his successive workshops in the Paris region, he produced shaped pieces in stoneware and porcelain, which very quickly met with the admiration of his peers. He offers an infinite palette of colours and materials, and forms of great sobriety, inspired as much by Greco-Roman antiquity as by Japanese art...

object n°47 (pdf)
A mysterious painting, inv. 71.4.1<br/> &copy;  madd bordeaux - L. Gauthier
A mysterious painting, inv. 71.4.1
© madd bordeaux - L. Gauthier
object n°46

A mysterious painting

Purchase by City of Bordeaux, 1971, inv. 71.4.1

In 1971, Jacqueline du Pasquier, director of the musée des Arts décoratifs of Bordeaux, bought in a public sale, to complete the Jeanvrot’s collection, a painting titled “the duchess of Berry leaving for the exile. From the boat on which she embarked, she looks at the ground of France which becomes blurred on the horizon (August 1830)”. This great work of art keeps a part of mystery: if its subject seems established well - in spite of some incoherence - his author, its execution date and the person who commissioned it remain unknown. The investigation is not thus closed.

The painting is located in the Salle de la duchesse de Berry, on the ground floor of the museum

Square piano by Pierre Garnier - 1790<br/> &copy; madd-bordeaux - L. Gauthier
Square piano by Pierre Garnier - 1790
©madd-bordeaux - L. Gauthier
object n°45

Square piano by Pierre Garnier

Gift of the Association des Amis des Musées de Bordeaux, 1996 - Inv 96.2.15

The musical instrument collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design underwent its first restoration campaign in 2014-2015. Pierre Garnier's square piano, dated 1790, has thus been restored to its original splendour and provides a remarkable illustration of the manufacture of pianos in Bordeaux at the end of the 18th century...

Object n°45 (pdf)
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