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museum of decorative Arts and Design

musée des Arts décoratifs
et du Design de Bordeaux
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39 rue Bouffard,
33000 Bordeaux
access to the museum

Timetable 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Tuesdays and holidays
(open on July 14 and August 15)
opening hours and admission


▲ The madd-bordeaux starts its metamorphosis in 2023. ▲
From 2023 to 2025, the museum will continue its mission of conservation, education and transmission of culture, and will offer a rich program of physical and digital exhibitions.

More informations

Muses et déesses du Grand Théâtre, fin du XVIIIe siècle, Pierre François Berruer<br/> &copy; maddBordeaux - F. Griffon
Muses et déesses du Grand Théâtre, fin du XVIIIe siècle, Pierre François Berruer
©maddBordeaux - F. Griffon
the madd-bordeaux

The team


Constance Rubini

Administrative and financial service
Nathalie Balerdi Paternotte, assitant director and manager
Christine Boubila Brillac, administrative and financial assistant
Gaëllane Bompart, administrative assistant

Conservation department
Etienne Tornier, head of conservation and exhibition
Victoire Brun, head of collection and design exhibition
Olivier Hurstel, head of collections of the 17th -19th century

Cultural valorisation 
Sabine Denis, head of department

Public service department
Juliette Giraud, manager
Audrey Bourgain, mediation
Margaux Vauclin, mediation and ressources
Véronique Darmante, teacher, National Education

Communication and press relations
Carine Dall'Agnol

Emmanuelle Diaz
Communication assistant 

Izaskun Gaspar Ibeas
Graphic designer and visual communication

Artwork department
Giuseppina Ferrara, manager
Alexandre Cordoba, artwork administrator
Maud Moritz, artwork assistant technician

Joël Berdoulat, manager
Bastien Le Bihan, assistant

Technical department
Guillaume Birot, manager
Perrine Flamain, technician
Julien Martin, technician

Security department
Frédéric Marty, manager
Jean Lepetit
Nicolas Treupel
Alexandre Herrera Coronado, maintenance technician

Surveillance agents
Madhi Fikri
Sophie Gabal
Alexandre Herrera Coronado
Clarisse Koutouan
Martine Lacrouts
Bernard Noth
Corinne Porge
Marie-Francisca Sevilla
Toni Soatto
Romain Suire

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