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musée des Arts décoratifs

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39 rue Bouffard,

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The museum is closed but the activity continues. Follow the museum's team during the works.

▲ The madd-bordeaux starts its metamorphosis in 2023▲

During its closure, from 2023 to 2025, the museum offers a rich program in the city and online

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Raymond Jeanvrot, Une passion royaliste, Jacqueline Du Pasquier, 2007<br/> &copy;  madd Bordeaux - F. Griffon
Raymond Jeanvrot, Une passion royaliste, Jacqueline Du Pasquier, 2007
© madd Bordeaux - F. Griffon
decorative arts

Raymond Jeanvrot

Une passion royaliste

Languages French

Published 2007

Category Exhibition Catalogue

Topics Collector, Bordeaux

Publication supervisor

Musée des Arts décoratifs


Jacqueline Du Pasquier


Introduction to a Collector's Diary

The black sun of melancholy

That a true friend is a sweet thing!

Sweet memory

Inanimate objects, do you have a soul? 

Italy at my feet and in front of me, the world...

My sovereign king! 

Portfolio in color

That's the man I need for the museums of Bordeaux! 

Monsieur de la Fleur de Lys

Old age is nothing but the absence of illusion

Pages 223

Dimensions 24 cm

Binding Paperback

ISBN 978-2-7572-0092-6

Publisher Bordeaux, Musée des Arts décoratifs

Available for consultation

Price  €5,00