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museum of decorative Arts and Design

musée des Arts décoratifs
et du Design de Bordeaux
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39 rue Bouffard,
33000 Bordeaux
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Timetable 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Tuesdays and holidays
(open on July 14 and August 15)
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Coin de salon peint par Félix Carme<br/> &copy; madd Bordeaux - L. Gauthier
Coin de salon peint par Félix Carme
©madd Bordeaux - L. Gauthier
object n°34

"Corner of a Living room " by Félix Carme


The hôtel de Lalande which is now the muse des Arts décoratifs et du Design was, for more than a century a private aristocratic residence. In 1924 a museum of ancient art opened on the first floor of the main building while the ground floor was devoted to the private apartment of the french collector Daniel Astruc. The object of May , a painting by Felix Carme (1863-1938) entitled "Corner of a Living room " depicts the interior of this enigmatic character who, for nearly twenty -five years, had for living environment the remarkable woodworks of the hôtel de Lalande.

object n°34 (pdf)

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