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The museum is closed but the activity continues. Follow the museum's team during the works.

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During its closure, from 2023 to 2025, the museum offers a rich program in the city and online

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Design lifts the veil on the invisible technologies of everyday life

from 29.11.2018
to 03.03.2019

As part of its series of invitations to young designers, the madd-bordeaux is presenting Phenomena, an experimental interactive project created specifically for the museum by Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage. 

The modern world is characterized by an ever-increasing complexity that remains invisible and incomprehensible - a labyrinth of waves, sensors, motherboards, codes, algorithms, LCD screens, cell phones… For more than three years, these two designers, winners of the 2016 Audi Talents Awards, have been exploring the laws of physics, digital technology and electronics. At the maddbordeaux, they offer the public an opportunity to experience these scientific phenomena in a series of intuitive, entertaining, user-friendly installations.

Through these experiments, combining design, technology and pedagogy, visitors of all ages are plunged into an engaging sensory realm as they gain an understanding of these invisible complexities and feel their magic.

The exhibition, presented in the former jail, makes these complex abstract phenomena tangible using simple concrete components like metal balls, cardboard and even drops of water. The result is a panoply of forms, colors and materials to be explored.


This project illustrates the museum’s desire to offer a platform for young designers who are pioneering new fields of research in design, graphics, interactivity and digital technology.

Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage

Freelance designers Marion Pinaffo (born in 1987) and Raphaël Pluvinage (born in 1986) both studied at ENSCI - Les Ateliers, graduating with honors in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Their eye-catching, upbeat designs take the form of experiments and interactions with the viewer. Marion’s work draws inspiration from both the history of design and folk art. She likes to produce intuitive recreational objects that elicit the viewer’s involvement and spark the imagination.

Raphaël, an engineer by training, develops projects based on new technologies and seeks to reveal the impact that design has on our lives and our relation to the world. After early professional experience in London working for the Doshi Levien and Superflux studios respectively, Marion and Raphaël joined forces in 2015 for a project entitled Papier Machine. They continued their collaboration through the Te Ataata residency offered by the Embassy of France in New Zealand and won the Audi Talents Awards design prize in 2016. Since then they have completed a string of joint projects, including Île à Gratter (2015), Arcade Poster (2016), Château d’Eau (2017, in collaboration with Juliette Gelli), TamTam (2017) and 100 Meter Stories (2018).

Raphaël Pluvinage & Marion Pinaffo, Briques de code, 2018
© madd-bordeaux - I. Gaspar Ibeas

Opening: Thursday November 29, 2018, 7:00 pm

Practical information: Opening hours, prices, guided tour



The launch of Papier Machine n°0
Papier Machine was born of the desire to make the functioning of the different sensors in our cell
phones easily understandable. This research resulted in the creation of a dozen toys made of
paper printed with inks that have various electrical properties. The adventure began in early 2015 at ENSCI–Les Ateliers (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle). It reached fruition during Raphaël and Marion’s Te Ataata residency for creative technologies in New Zealand, and its development was made possible when the duo won the 2016 Audi Talents Awards design prize.

In 2018, the production of the first volume, Papier Machine n°0, was financed by a crowd-funding drive that ended after gaining the backing of more than 1,800 donors. Published in 2018 by Panoplie, an independent publishing house, the Issue n°0 is a book of six electronic objects in pre-cut paper to be assembled as kits that produce sound. The paper is printed with a silver ink that conducts electricity, and all the components needed
for the games are provided: button cell battery, buzzer, electronic card and metal balls.

This book is being unveiled for the first time as part of the exhibition Phenomena, and three of its six games will be made available to the public.
Papier Machine n°0 will also be on sale in the museum’s shop.
Exclusive price for the exhibition: 45 €
©Studio Pinaffo Pluvinage
Studio Pinaffo Pluvinage, "Château d'eau", 2017 - project designed in collaboration with Juliette Gelli
 -  Juliette Gelli & Studio Pinaffo Pluvinage



• A series of interactive devices accessible to all

The exhibition proposes to test several devices to better understand the functioning new technologies around us: sensors, touch screens, components electronic, storage, etc.


• Junior opening (6-11 years old) for the Team junior du madd*

Wednesday, November 28 at 2 pm

Preview of the exhibition with the designers followed by a snack

• Christmas Holidays - Cryptography Workshops (6-11 years old) for the Team junior du madd*

Thursdays December 27 and January 3 from 10:30 am to 12 pm

Fridays December 28 and January 4 from 10:30 am to 12 pm

After testing devices presented in the exhibition, the kids are invited to participate in this new workshop designed with Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage.

* Free for members of the Team junior du madd, the young friends club of the museum (membership fee for the the year: 10 €).

Organized by The Friends of the museum association.

Only on registration at 05 56 10 14 05 /

• Custom tours and activities for school and student groups

Information and registration at +33 (0)5 56 10 14 05 /


• Meeting

Wednesday December 5 at 5 pm 

Custom tour and pedagogical thinking 


Private exhibition viewing with Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage

Thursday, December 6 at 7 pm

The forthcoming meetings are scheduled from January 2019.

The Thursdays of the museum : conférences program


Mediators are present in the exhibition to help you experiment with the devices. From 11 am to 6 pm during the week except Tuesday, closing day, and from 2 pm to 6 pm during the weekend.

In partnership with the students of the ICART Bordeaux.

Guide booklets in foreign languages (English and Spanish).



• During school terms:

Saturdays and Sundays at 3 pm

Price: museum ticket + 3 € - No reservation needed

• During school holidays

Everyday at 3 pm, except on Tuesday

Price: museum ticket + 3 € - No reservation needed


All year round: On demand more than 11 people

Prices: 50 € + 3 € per person during the week / 65 € + 3 € per person during the week-end

Registration: +33 (0)5 56 10 14 05 /

Curator, scenography and graphic design

Designers Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage – Studio Pinaffo Pluvinage

The museum would like to thank 

Château Haut-Bailly,

mécène d’honneur

This exhibition received support in mediation with the students of ICART Bordeaux.

For their fidelity, the museum wants also to thank 

Les Amis et le cercle du madd

Le Château Nairac

Le Chapon Fin

Les Crus Bourgeois du Médoc

Les Galeries Lafayette

La société de négoce DIVA