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museum of decorative Arts and Design

musée des Arts décoratifs
et du Design de Bordeaux
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39 rue Bouffard,
33000 Bordeaux
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Timetable 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Tuesdays and holidays
(open on July 14 and August 15)
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Ruedi Baur et Kubik, Jeudi du madd du 1er Juin 2017<br/> &copy;  madd Bordeaux - M. Delanne
Ruedi Baur et Kubik, Jeudi du madd du 1er Juin 2017
© madd Bordeaux - M. Delanne
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Bordeaux is a lively, dynamic university city. Every October, the newcomers and first-year students are offered an introduction to the city’s cultural heritage in an event entitled Bordeaux Accueille Ses Étudiants (“Bordeaux Welcomes Its Students”), with the participation of the madd.

Throughout the course of their studies, the museum seeks to provide students with a place for learning, dialogue, encounters and mind-broadening experiences. To this end, the visitors department offers them specially designed tours and opportunities to meet with professionals, whether at the museum or directly in the classroom.

In the interest of furthering their studies, the madd’s activities for students are free of charge, in particular the group tours and encounters with designers, artists, historians and other cultural professionals that take place every Thursday evening during the school year. These Jeudis du Musée events, which are followed by refreshments (also free of charge) to encourage interaction with the featured guest, are one of the highlights of our programming for students.

Click for information on the Jeudis du Musée program.

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